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Express yourself

Body piercing is an art form that dates back over 5,000 years. Once used as a way to warden off evil spirits and protect against diseases, it is now one of the most common forms of self expression. 

Everyone is unique, and similarly, no two piercings are the same. They sit differently on the body; showcase different jewellery; and are expressed in different ways by the varying styles of each person.  

At Gambier Piercing Parlour, we love helping people bring this art form to life

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Our approach

Our one-on-one service is calming, caring and gentle. In a private setting, we’ll first spend some time assessing the suitability of the desired piercing location to ensure the skin is not broken or damaged, and there is enough of it there for the piercing to grip onto.

We don’t use a piercing gun at Gambier Piercing Parlour because they can cause physical trauma to the surrounding tissue (not to mention their loud sound is enough to scare anyone)! Instead, we use hospital grade single-use catheter needles to gentle pierce the skin. They are individually packaged, pre-sterilised and run no risk of malfunction unlike a piercing gun.

Unlike many other piercing parlours, we let you choose your first jewel. That means that your first piercing will be the jewellery that you want, and not the stock standard plain silver or gold ball ring.

Once the piercing is done, we’ll let you know the aftercare procedure before you depart through our red velvet curtains looking and feeling more yourself … and with a Chupa-Chup in hand (no matter your age)

Our after care

You’ll leave the Gambier Piercing Parlour with a bottle of Saline Antiseptic Spray, which we advise you to use twice a day for two weeks. At this two week mark, we’ll invite you back into the parlour to do a complimentary review to make sure your skin is adapting to the piercing well (and take some photos if you don’t mind)!

Our bling

Most of the range on offer at Gambier Piercing Parlour is made of implant-grade titanium. This is much better than the traditional Surgical Steel or Sterling Silver as it is very unlikely that people will have an allergic reaction to it. 

All crystals in our jewellery are Swarovski … unless, of course, you want to upgrade to diamonds!

A small number of pieces in our collection however are made of Surgical or Sterling Silver but your piercer will advise you if this is what you have chosen to avoid any irritations or allergies, but all initial piercings are implant grade Titanium.

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Piercing Areas & Pricing

All pricing includes jewellery (Titanium as your initial piercing and includes both jewelled and non jewelled options) as well as take home piercing spray to keep your new piercing happy, as well as your 2 week follow up review. 

  • Ears
    Single (Lobes, Helix, Tragus, Conch, Daith) $80
    Double (i.e. pair of lobes, double helix) $110
    Industrial: $100 single / $180 pair
  • Eyebrow – $80
  • Nose
    Stud $80
    Ring $80 / Double Ring $110
    Septum $80
    Bridge $80 
  • Lip
    Single (Monroe, Medusa, Vertical Lip) $80
    Double (Snake Bites, Double Monroe) $130
  • Belly Button – $80
  • Nipples – $80 single / $130 pair
  • Dermal Anchors – $100 each
  • Surface Piercings – $90 each

Latest Reviews

Amazing service and great pricing, Chris is amazing at what he does, full of knowledge and very thorough! The clinic is absolutely beautiful! Highly recommend!

Alicia Ansink

Chris is lovely, caring and considerate I would highly recommend him and look forward to the journey of better skin care with his clinic. If you haven’t gone yet get onto to it!! You won’t be disappointed.

Lynette Heiming

friendly and welcoming. beautiful clinic. excellent knowledge and understanding of treatments. great prices. definitely going here again in furture. best place laser clinic in town by far.

Nicky Clisdell

Changing the jewellery

Feeling like some new bling? If you purchase your new jewellery from Gambier Piercing Parlour, we’ll change it for you for free. That includes people who didn’t get their original piercing done with us, too!

How do I make a booking? 

Bookings can be made via our website. The piercing itself takes about 10 to 15 minutes, but allow for some extra time for the consultation and jewellery shopping.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 08 8728 0464, [email protected] or pop into the parlour at 2/2 James Street, Mount Gambier SA 5290.

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