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About Us

The Limestone Laser Family 

Founded in 2020 (yes, good things could still come out of that year), Limestone Laser Clinic is the lovechild of Christopher Qualita. A passion built solely from seeing the incredible transformations skin technologies can have on the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of people, Chris is all about making everyone feel at home at Limestone Laser Clinic. 

From the stories that brought them into the clinic right through to the settings they need on the laser machines, everyone is unique, and we strive to ensure each person that steps into the clinic feels safe and comfortable in our capable hands.

Pride in our aesthetics (even beyond the skin) 

We’re treating some of your deepest vulnerabilities, so it was important to us that we created a space that was warm, comforting and full of soul. Being in a State Heritage Listed building made this an easy feat. Walking into the clinic, you won’t find white walls and clinical benches; instead you’ll find beautiful 14 foot ceilings, a large lounge room, boutique furniture and bold décor (the red velvet curtain is our personal favourite!), with warm personalities to match. We liken the building to one that would exist in The Great Gatsby. 

Built in 1870, what was once home to the town’s telegraph exchange, then post office, then prestigious hair dressing salon, Gianni’s, is now home to Limestone Laser Clinic and we’ll strive to add to its rich history for many years to come. 

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Meet the Founder – Christopher Qualita

It was love at first site for Chris and laser. At first it wasn’t the technology that won him over; it was the difference it was making to the confidence and wellbeing of those experiencing it. Working in administration for a laser clinic in Adelaide, Chris saw clients walk out of the treatment room with a newfound aura that exuded happiness, confidence, and most importantly, comfort in their own skin. Chris had to see for himself what on earth was happening behind those closed doors! That’s where his love for the science behind laser technology was ignited. Many lunch breaks later of reading the instruction manuals of the machinery, he became a proud, self-confessed ‘laser geek.’ 

Over time, Chris moved from the front desk to the treatment room in an effort to change people’s lives one laser zap at a time. During this time, he achieved the Australian National Accreditation of Light and Laser Therapies and became Senior Therapist at an Adelaide-based clinic for many years. 

Chris’ love didn’t stop there; he went on to become a nationally accredited trainer and assessor at the only dedicated laser training college in South Australia. Many laser technicians in South Australia right now would’ve actually been trained by Chris! He also trained in other physical methods of skincare, such as micro-needling, clinical peels, active facials and LED Therapy.  

After a classic soul-searching Euro trip, Chris realised it was time to spread his wings and fly solo. He returned from Europe to Mount Gambier and the birth of Limestone Laser Clinic followed soon after. 

Why choose us?

Our service doesn’t start and stop in the treatment room

We take the time with every new client to build your trust, and understand your concerns and medical history to make sure we provide a treatment that is tailored to your needs and desired results. Then, after each treatment, we check in 1-2 days later to ensure everything is a-okay on your end and you understand the post-procedure guide that has been emailed across

We’re honest and transparent

Our main motivator here at Limestone Laser Clinic is to help people feel better in their own skin when they leave us. If we can’t achieve that for you, then we’ll be upfront and open about it (and recommend you a clinic or another treatment that can help)! 

We don’t just understand the treatment; we understand how the technology works

Laser might give you some warm zaps, but its science gives our Founder, Chris, the warm fuzzies! Before becoming a Nationally Accredited Laser Specialist, Chris found himself reading the manuals and instruction guides for the laser technology. We truly understand what the machine is doing and why it’s doing it, so we can craft our treatment to give you only the best results.

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