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Peels & Facials

Relaxation and rejuvenation – we doubt there’s many of us out there who don’t need at least one of these things right now! Well, at Limestone Laser Clinic, we provide the best of both worlds with our range of peels and active facials. We offer Carbon Facials and Customised Facials and Peels

Carbon Facials

What is a Carbon Facial?

Carbon Facials (also known as a Porcelain Facial) provide a deep yet gentle cleanse of the face to bring smooth skin, free from all the bad bacteria that may have made a home there! 

Using a specially formulated medical-grade Carbon gel, the facemask is gently applied to the skin. Immediately it starts to draw out oils , dirt and other impurities bringing them to the surface. We then use our state of the art laser to gently “blast” it off your skin. 

Not only does this provide a deep cleanse with immediately visible results, the laser helps to stimulate collagen beneath the skin’s surface and rejuvenate the skin overall. 

Who is it best suited for?

Anyone and everyone looking to bring health and life to their face! Carbon Facials are a great way to familiarise yourself to the world of laser. As it removes the impurities, it also helps to smooth the skin, clear blocked pores and improve the skin’s complexion.

Is it painful?

Not at all! It’s a gentle and relaxing treatment.

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Customised Facials and Peels

The skincare Gods over at HydroPeptide have created a range of facial treatments that vary in complexity, strength and end result. Similar to their range of skincare products, their facial ingredients contain all the goodies that work on a cellular level to train your skin to be healthier, smoother and more radiant in the long run.

At Limestone Laser Clinic, we encourage a complimentary skin consultation prior to any facial so we can better understand your skin type and concerns before recommending a facial. We’ll then create a custom facial using HydroPeptide products that specifically targets your needs. 

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How do I make a booking? 

We welcome all new clients in for a free initial consultation before we proceed with the treatment. This is so we can better understand your desired results and ensure we’re best positioned to achieve it. To book your free consultation, please visit our bookings page

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