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Ah, 27 – the age when we officially hit our late twenties and the pressures of life feel like they’re piling on all too rapidly. It doesn’t help that our bodies stop naturally producing collagen around this time, too, so suddenly those stresses become more visible on our faces. 

For some of us, this time could be just a small stone’s throw away. For others, it could seem like a different life (you know, four kids, two marriages, and one health scare ago). No matter how many years has passed since your 27th birthday, we can help wind back the clock on your face with our skin rejuvenation treatments (unfortunately we cannot assist with the kids, marriages or health scares endured in that time). 

Whether you’re worried about ageing, or those lines feel like they’ve already made a home on your face, we can use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or micro-needling to fight the effects of ageing by tightening skin, reducing redness and pigmentation, and restoring the texture of skin. 

So what’s the difference between IPL and Micro-needling? 

Both treatments achieve the same desired results, but use a different method. There’s no pros and cons of choosing one method over the other; it simply depends on personal preference and the area of the face we’re treating. 

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL works by going into the deeper levels of the skin to work upwards. The machine uses a laser light to reach into the second layer of your skin (the dermis) without causing damage to the surface layer (the epidermis). The pigment cells absorb the light from the laser and converts it to heat, which is then used to remove any unwanted pigmentation and vascular blemishes, as well as stimulate collagen renewal. 

We use the Deka MiniSilk as our chosen IPL platform.

The procedure doesn’t hurt, but a warm sensation can be felt over the face. There may be a slight discomfort over heavier blemishes. 

Price per session

Face & Neck $220
Face, Neck & Décolletage $280
Hands $80

Typical recommended sessions: 4 to 6

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Micro-needling on the other hand (which is sometimes also known as Collagen Inductive Therapy) works by puncturing the skin using tiny needles containing healthy serums. Our body’s natural immune response is to heal wounds, so when our skin is receives tiny punctures, it forces the generation of new healthier and younger-looking cells. Micro-needling is great for smaller areas, such as around the eyes to reduce the appearance of eye bags and crow’s feet.

Micro-needling can have a quicker visible result in comparison to IPL, but there will be a slight sunburnt feeling for 12 hours after the session. 

After the micro-needling procedure, we provide a complementary LED treatment to stimulate circulation back to the face and boost collagen elasticity. This also helps any excess serum to be absorbed and boosts the healing process. 

Price per session

Face & Neck $220
Face, Neck & Décolletage $290
Eye Area (under-eyes & crows feet) $160
Hands $80

Other areas such as stretch marks or scarring can be treated too! A consultation is required to assess the area and provide you with a price as everyone is different.

Typical recommended sessions: 4 to 6, with a maximum of 6 in a 12 month period

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How do I make a booking? 

We welcome all new clients in for a free initial consultation before we proceed with the treatment. This is so we can better understand your desired results and ensure this is the best treatment to achieve it. To book your free consultation, please visit our bookings page

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